2017-10-31 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-227
2017-10-26 Leif Johanssonfake a scope for siths card login
2017-10-24 Leif Johanssonmduid for siths idp
2017-10-24 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-10-24 Leif Johanssonsiths idp
2017-10-24 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-253
2017-10-18 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-263
2017-10-18 Björn MattssonFixed fs.liu.se to get OK from edugain. Also fixed...
2017-10-17 Einar LönnMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-10-17 Einar LönnOops, xml
2017-10-17 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-256 (UNIARTS IDP)
2017-10-17 Einar LönnResolves #144. NameID, sirtfi compliance and security...
2017-10-17 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-254
2017-10-17 Björn MattssonUpdated SWAMID-249
2017-10-16 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-251
2017-10-13 Björn MattssonUpdated MDUI for SWAMID-249
2017-10-13 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-249
2017-10-11 Einar LönnMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-10-11 Einar LönnChange of DS for COmanage
2017-10-11 Björn MattssonUpdated SWAMID-241
2017-10-11 Paul ScottRefix scalable-learning SPs to prevent UKFed blocking
2017-10-11 Leif Johanssonupdated metadata
2017-10-11 Leif Johanssonfollow redirects
2017-10-11 Björn MattssonUpdated SWAMID-241
2017-10-11 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-247
2017-10-10 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-222
2017-10-09 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-224
2017-10-09 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-10-09 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-240
2017-10-09 Paul ScottResolves #229: VB: Teknisk felkonfigurering av er IdP...
2017-10-06 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-241
2017-10-03 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-10-03 Leif Johanssonfix sf key rotation
2017-10-03 Leif Johanssonno validUntil
2017-10-03 Leif Johanssonfixing salesforce cert rotation
2017-10-02 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-225
2017-09-28 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-223
2017-09-27 Björn MattssonAdded 1:st part of SWAMID-222
2017-09-25 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-220
2017-09-25 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-218
2017-09-20 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-215
2017-09-19 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-195 again
2017-09-19 Björn Mattssonremoved dupes in swamid-testing-sp-1.0.mxml and swamid...
2017-09-18 Paul ScottRemove cloudmore SPs from eduGAIN, temporarily
2017-09-15 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-207
2017-09-15 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-209
2017-09-14 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-195
2017-09-13 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-201
2017-09-12 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-200
2017-09-12 Paul ScottAdd test server KAU tentaadministration
2017-09-11 Fredrik DomeijRT198: updated metadata for Ladok2 utb2
2017-09-08 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-191
2017-09-07 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-192
2017-09-01 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-187
2017-09-01 Paul ScottMore eduGAIN cleanup
2017-08-31 Paul ScottMore cleanup
2017-08-31 Paul ScottCleanup
2017-08-31 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-180
2017-08-31 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-185 added local.cloudmore.com
2017-08-31 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-184 remove of idp.suni.se
2017-08-31 Leif Johanssondrop SimpleSign
2017-08-31 Leif Johanssondrop PAOS
2017-08-31 Leif Johanssonmyunidays test
2017-08-31 Leif Johanssonoops
2017-08-30 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-08-30 Leif Johanssonupdate inacademia metadata
2017-08-30 Paul ScottAnother attempt to fix uniarts scope
2017-08-29 Leif Johanssonzoom proxy
2017-08-29 Leif Johanssonplaceholder
2017-08-29 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-08-29 Leif Johanssonno externals anymore
2017-08-29 Paul ScottFix some SP errors returned by ukFed edugain import
2017-08-29 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-137
2017-08-29 Paul ScottPossible fix for uniarts problem, SWAMIDOPS-174
2017-08-28 Leif Johanssonkantara SP exposed to edugain
2017-08-28 Leif Johanssonadd kantara SP to swamid
2017-08-28 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-174: Tillägg av shibmd:scope till...
2017-08-28 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-170 NEW Service Provider
2017-08-25 Fredrik Domeijled-jenkins.its.umu.se added
2017-08-24 Paul ScottResolves 167
2017-08-24 Paul ScottResolves #167: Lägg till SP timesketch.cert.sunet.se...
2017-08-23 Einar LönnNORDUnet not nordunet per wishes of Pettai
2017-08-23 Einar LönnFixes #166
2017-08-22 Einar LönnMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-08-22 Einar LönnMay solve #154, not a pretty cert though...
2017-08-22 Paul ScottResolves #161: Re-registration of SP metadata (QS uniso...
2017-08-18 Einar LönnFixes #159. Could not find an English link for descript...
2017-08-16 Einar LönnFixes #157
2017-08-14 Paul ScottResolves #149: LiU SIRTFI
2017-08-11 Einar LönnFixes https://rt.sunet.se/Ticket/Display.html?id=152
2017-08-10 Einar LönnSolves https://rt.sunet.se/Ticket/Display.html?id=153...
2017-08-08 Paul ScottSwitch KTH IdPs
2017-08-07 Einar LönnFix for "https://rt.sunet.se/Ticket/Display.html?id...
2017-07-21 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-07-21 Leif Johanssongone md5 gone
2017-07-20 Paul ScottFix a bunch of eduGAIN validation warnings
2017-07-20 Paul ScottAdd privacyurl to myunidays
2017-07-20 Paul Scottedugain/coco entry missing attributes. Applied same...
2017-07-20 Paul ScottPartially resolves SWAMIDOPS-137
2017-07-20 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-138 (Tagga Indico med SIRTFI)