2 hours ago Paul ScottSWAMID-649 Update cert login.quicksearch.se master
4 hours ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-651, Update of supr.snic.se
4 hours ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-650, update of disposer.c3se.chalmers.se + secur...
12 hours ago Paul ScottSWAMID-648 Add new cert sp.it.gu.se
29 hours ago Björn MattssonAdded eduPersonScopedAffiliation to Requetsed Attribute...
30 hours ago Björn MattssonAdded cleanup of Pending-queue
30 hours ago Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
30 hours ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-640, Removed old entityID hhs-se.zoom.us
31 hours ago Fredrik DomeijSWAMID-647: ladok3-idp.its.umu.se-444 obsolete
31 hours ago Fredrik DomeijSWAMID-647: dev-idp.utv.ladok.se updated, dev-idp-lab...
31 hours ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-469 Cleaned up old boxes
34 hours ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-646, update of idp.sunet.se:2
34 hours ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-646, update of idp.sunet.se
37 hours ago Paul ScottUpdates konto.kau.se
37 hours ago Paul ScottKau prod IdP small fixes
2 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-644, SWAMID-645 update of fs.liu.se and fs.test...
2 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-641, removed play.liu.se
2 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-640, New Cert for hhs-se.zoom.us + change of...
5 days ago Paul ScottSWAMID-637 Updates to https://idp.oru.se/idp/shibboleth
5 days ago Paul ScottSWAMID-602 manual add new https://kb-se.zoom.us
5 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-638, Kerrollover last part idp-v2.konstfack.se
5 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-639 update of blender.c3se.chalmers.se
5 days ago Fredrik DomeijSWAMID-636: dev-idp.utv.ladok.se SP added
5 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-610, Update of akka-adm.test.uu.se
6 days ago Paul ScottSWAMID-629 Play.hv.se/test.play.hv.se removed
6 days ago Paul ScottSWAMID-623 Ta bort test-idp
6 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-630, update of idp3.it.gu.se
7 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-625 Added jenkins-infra.utv.ladok.se
7 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-1000, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1034, 1036 update from...
7 days ago Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
7 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-614, update of Cert on medlem.disk.su.se
7 days ago Paul ScottSWAMID-608 Kau Zoom, new cert, change entityid
7 days ago Fredrik DomeijSWAMID-613: CoCo added to misc Ladok services
7 days ago Fredrik Domeijadd-rpi.xsl added to get-metadata.sh to mimic make...
8 days ago Fredrik DomeijSWAMID-611: requestedAttributes cn and eduPersonScopedA...
8 days ago Fredrik DomeijMake better guesses on what the metadataurl seems to be
8 days ago Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
8 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-609, Updated jenkins.led.ladok.se
8 days ago Fredrik DomeijSWAMID-603: OrganizationName updated
8 days ago Paul ScottSWAMID-603 Add support-idp.led.ladok.se
9 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-599, Added scope to fs.nrm.se
9 days ago Paul ScottSWAMID-602 KB Zoom certificate rollover
9 days ago Paul ScottAdd new cert for UU Zoom (rollover)
12 days ago Björn MattssonAdded update of Testresults during update
13 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-593, Key rollover for play.konstfack.se
13 days ago Björn MattssonUpdated PrivacyPolicy for metadata.swamid.se
13 days ago Björn MattssonSWAMID-595, Keyrollover part 1 for idp-v2.konstfack.se
2022-01-12 Björn MattssonAdded missing NameFormat="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2...
2022-01-11 Björn MattssonSWAMID-575, Added CoCo to fs.liu.se and fs.test.ad...
2022-01-07 Björn MattssonFixed missing https://
2022-01-07 Björn MattssonAdded xml:lang= to remove errors in metadata-admin...
2022-01-04 Paul ScottSWAMID-546 remove old SP
2021-12-28 Björn MattssonSWAMID-585 updated valda.uhr.se
2021-12-28 Björn MattssonSWAMID-584, updated md:RequestedAttribute in nais.uhr.se
2021-12-28 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2021-12-28 Björn MattssonSWAMID-584, Updated www.nais.uhr.se with CoCo
2021-12-22 Paul ScottSWAMID-579 New SP Dalastudent
2021-12-21 Paul ScottSWAMID-576 Update requested attributes
2021-12-21 Paul ScottSWAMID-576 Replace acc Nais SP
2021-12-21 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2021-12-21 Paul ScottSWAMID-574 Update Nais valda SP
2021-12-21 Björn MattssonSWAMID-578, Cert roll-over for federation.uniarts.se...
2021-12-20 Björn MattssonSWAMID-578, Key roll-over for webproxysrv.uniarts.se
2021-12-20 Björn MattssonSWAMID-577, added SP for ladok.se
2021-12-20 Björn MattssonSWAMID-491, Added CoCo to adfs.ju.se
2021-12-20 Björn MattssonUpdated scripts/update-and-validate.sh to check URL:s
2021-12-20 Björn MattssonSWAMID-571, Updated 2 SP:s for uhr.se
2021-12-17 Paul ScottSWAMID-573 New SP nya-tools.its.umu.se-444-proxy-sp...
2021-12-16 Paul ScottSWAMID-567 Update client200-180.its.umu.se
2021-12-16 Paul ScottSWAMID-568 Remove SP
2021-12-16 Paul ScottSWAMID-546 Add new SP keystone.cloud.sunet.se
2021-12-15 Björn MattssonSWAMID-565 and SWAMID-566, Updated 2 SP:s for umu.se
2021-12-15 Björn MattssonSWAMID-564, Added 3 SP:s for sunet.se
2021-12-14 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2021-12-14 Björn MattssonAdded AL1 to RKH on request from PAX
2021-12-14 Paul ScottSWAMID-563 MoveON for KAU
2021-12-14 Björn MattssonSWAMID-562, Removed old SP for umu.se
2021-12-13 Björn MattssonRemoved multiple EntityAttributes
2021-12-13 Björn MattssonAdded checks for multiple EntityAttributes
2021-12-13 Björn MattssonSWAMID-557, Added AL1/2 to idp.kmh.se
2021-12-10 Björn MattssonSWAMID-553, fixes error from MDS
2021-12-10 Björn MattssonNew SWAMID_FederationDefaults.zip from Johan
2021-12-10 Björn MattssonSWAMID-551, Added AL1/2 after BOT meeting today
2021-12-10 Björn MattssonSWAMID-481 Remove old test-suite
2021-12-10 Björn MattssonSWAMID-550 removal of SP:s from swamid / import from...
2021-12-10 Björn MattssonSWAMID-549, Removed 2 old IdP:s from lu.se
2021-12-09 Björn MattssonSWAMID-547, adfs.ju.se as IdP also
2021-12-09 Björn MattssonSWAMID-525, Keyrollover part 2 for 4 SP:s at math.su.se
2021-12-09 Björn MattssonSWAMID-542, Added CoCo for 2 SP:s @ uu.se
2021-12-09 Björn MattssonSWAMID-509, Added R&S and CoCo support to IdP
2021-12-08 Björn MattssonUpdated / Added metadata.swamid.se
2021-12-08 Björn MattssonMoved metadata.swamid.se to new machine/docker
2021-12-07 Björn MattssonSWAMID-543, Removed old cert for administrationsverktyg...
2021-12-03 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2021-12-03 Björn MattssonSWAMID-538, Key-rollover for vfu-test.su.se
2021-12-03 Paul ScottSwitch HiS IdPs
2021-12-03 Björn MattssonSWAMID-525, Keyrollover part 1 for 4 SP:s at math.su.se
2021-12-02 Björn MattssonSWAMID-537, CoCo for konto.bth.se
2021-12-02 Paul ScottSWAMID-528 Add HiS play
2021-12-01 Björn MattssonSWAMID-524, added CoCOv1 to shib1.oru.se