Resolves SWAMIDOPS-7930
[swamid-metadata.git] / swamid-kalmar-1.0.mxml
2015-05-08 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7656
2014-10-02 Leif Johanssonremove duplicates
2014-02-26 Fredrik Å added to kalmar
2013-09-24 Fredrik Åslundswamid-1.0* removed
2013-06-27 Leif Johanssonbox gw testing idp side and restructure + kalmar upstream
2013-06-19 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2013-06-19 Leif Johanssonnew common box gw
2013-06-18 Fredrik Åslundmetadata files renamed to <entityid>.xml
2013-05-31 Leif Johanssondrop keybucket and e5 from kalmar
2013-05-29 Fredrik ÅslundMerge branch 'master' of
2013-05-28 Leif Johanssonuninett box gw + to kalmar
2012-11-01 Leif Johanssonwebinar server to kalmar and new connect-stable
2012-09-25 Leif Johanssonconnect-beta
2012-09-24 Leif Johanssonmeetingtools to kalmar
2012-06-13 Leif Johanssonkeybucket -> edugain+kalmar
2012-03-05 Leif Johanssonremove mdh from Kalmar
2012-01-27 Leif Johanssonuu away from kalmar
2011-12-15 Leif JohanssonELMS into Kalmar2
2011-12-12 Leif Johanssonresolves SWAMIDOPS-6373 and SWAMIDOPS-6371
2011-12-01 Leif Johanssonremoved hb from kalmar on customer request
2011-11-28 Leif Johanssonremove kau from kalmar at their request
2011-09-13 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-09 Johan BerggrenAdded to Kalmar
2011-08-16 Leif Johanssoncache duration set to 8h to conform with technical...
2011-06-27 Leif Johanssonmailfilter to kalmar
2011-06-27 Leif Johanssonsorry
2011-06-27 Leif Johanssonmailfilter to kalmar
2011-06-09 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-01 Johan BerggrenAdded to swamid and kalmar, removed mds...
2011-04-08 Leif Johanssonresolves SWAMIDOPS-6230
2011-03-30 Leif Johanssonmdh in kalmar
2011-03-29 Leif Johanssonki into kalmar
2011-03-09 Leif Johanssonkau idp into kalmar
2010-12-02 Leif Johanssonlobber into kalmar
2010-09-13 leifjnordunet idp in kalmar for testing
2010-09-09 leifjnordunet crowd to kalmar
2010-04-07 leifjUU in i Kalmar2
2010-04-06 leifjDiVA in i Kalmar
2009-11-19 leifjcleanup
2009-10-23 leifjbump md validity to 2h
2009-10-23 leifjgu idp i kalmar
2009-10-14 leifjremove liu from kalmar
2009-09-30 leifjkalmar opt-in
2009-09-16 leifjkalmar update
2009-09-15 leifjremove connect-test
2009-09-01 leifjns fix
2009-09-01 leifjunique Name for aggregates
2009-07-19 leifjremove cambro for production service
2009-07-18 leifjexpiration timers for kalmar metadata
2009-07-18 leifjtemporary cacheDuration and validUntil
2009-07-16 idp till kalmar
2009-06-26 leifjliu production idp and more stuff to kalmar
2009-06-02 leifjcambro also saml2
2009-06-02 leifjkalmar metadata feed