coc and r&s test in pendantic target
[swamid-metadata.git] / swamid-2.0 /
2015-10-16 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7856
2015-10-16 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7852
2015-10-16 Paul ScottMore cleanup
2015-10-16 Paul ScottCleanup
2015-10-16 Paul ScottResovles SWAMIDOPS-7849
2015-10-12 Leif Johanssoncleanup
2015-10-12 Leif Johanssonsunet salesforce production
2015-10-09 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7842
2015-10-09 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7835
2015-10-09 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7834 add
2015-10-08 Paul ScottAdd organisation and mdui data to test idp.
2015-10-06 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7778 New test IdP FHS
2015-09-30 Fredrik added
2015-09-28 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2015-09-28 Leif Johanssoncleaup
2015-09-28 Leif Johanssonrespin sunet sf sandbox
2015-09-23 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7818
2015-09-23 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7819 KB Play
2015-09-23 Anders LördalUpdated mdui:PrivacyStatementURL for
2015-09-23 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7821
2015-09-23 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2015-09-23 Leif Johanssonunhide
2015-09-23 Paul ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2015-09-23 Paul ScottRemove available via eduGAIN
2015-09-22 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2015-09-21 Anders LördalUpdated malformd EmailAddress for
2015-09-21 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2015-09-21 Leif Johanssonupdated signing cert
2015-09-21 Leif Johanssonupdated signing cert
2015-09-21 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7800
2015-09-17 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7803
2015-09-16 Fredrik added to swamid-testin...
2015-09-16 Fredrik added
2015-09-14 Fredrik Aslundcontactperson updates
2015-09-11 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7798
2015-09-11 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7797
2015-09-11 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7796
2015-09-11 Anders LördalAdded fix to de-dupe SWAMID entities in metadata
2015-09-09 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7795 Produktion nais-systemet
2015-09-09 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7793
2015-09-08 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7794 Ta bort gamla LiU-certifikat...
2015-09-07 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7784
2015-09-04 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7783
2015-09-03 Fredrik added
2015-09-01 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-30 Paul ScottAdded CoC to Prisma Research SWAMIDOPS-7678
2015-08-24 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7770 and SWAMIDOPS-7769
2015-08-21 Leif Johanssonencr
2015-08-21 Leif Johanssonsf cleanup
2015-08-21 Leif Johanssonsf update
2015-08-19 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-19 Leif Johanssonfix test metadata
2015-08-19 Fredrik AslundMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-19 Fredrik Aslundnew metadata for KB IdP
2015-08-19 Leif Johanssonsf test
2015-08-19 Leif Johanssonsf test
2015-08-18 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7772
2015-08-14 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7768
2015-08-14 Paul ScottSWAMIDOPS-7766 Add
2015-08-13 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7765
2015-08-13 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7759
2015-08-12 Paul ScottAdd handlerURLs to
2015-08-11 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7762
2015-08-11 Leif Johanssonresolve conflicts and merge
2015-08-10 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7757
2015-08-10 Anders LördalChange entityID from
2015-08-07 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7755 and SWAMIDOPS-7756
2015-07-30 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7753
2015-07-28 Paul ScottRemove AttributeConsumingService from
2015-07-28 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7752 update
2015-07-22 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7748
2015-07-22 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7747
2015-07-14 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7741
2015-07-10 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7724
2015-07-09 Anders LördalAdded entity category for SWAMIDOPS-7734
2015-07-08 Leif Johanssondomain hint
2015-07-08 Leif Johanssonresolves SWAMIDOPS-7707
2015-07-08 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of
2015-07-08 Leif Johanssonresolves SWAMIDOPS-7734
2015-07-08 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7729
2015-07-08 Leif Johanssonresolves SWAMIDOPS-7728
2015-07-06 Anders LördalChange entityID on for Netlight
2015-06-25 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7722 Inlägg av uppdaterade metadata...
2015-06-25 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7721
2015-06-25 Paul ScottSWAMIDOPS-7720 update metadata for
2015-06-22 Paul ScottAdd test meta eduroam to swamid-testing
2015-06-19 Leif Johanssonresolves swamidops-7699
2015-06-17 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7717
2015-06-17 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7718
2015-06-16 Paul ScottRemove R&S from LU timeedit SPs, unnecessary, do not...
2015-06-14 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7714
2015-06-12 Paul ScottAdd RS, RE, Hei för LUs timeedit SP:er
2015-06-08 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7706
2015-06-07 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7700
2015-06-05 Fredrik AslundSFS, RE and MDUI added for emrex-00
2015-06-04 Fredrik Aslundemrex-00 added
2015-06-03 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7698
2015-06-03 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7697
2015-05-31 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7695
2015-05-31 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7694