extensions need to go to the head
[swamid-metadata.git] / sp-with-simplesign
2015-08-24 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7770 and SWAMIDOPS-7769
2015-08-14 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7768
2015-08-13 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7765
2015-08-11 Leif Johanssonresolve conflicts and merge
2015-08-07 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7755 and SWAMIDOPS-7756
2015-03-05 Paul ScottCompletely obliterate shibboleth.net.lu.se-idp-shibbole...
2014-08-19 Paul ScottResolves: SWAMIDOPS-7309, remove amiga.kib.ki.se,
2014-08-19 Paul ScottResolves SWAMIDOPS-7307, remove alpha.kib.ki.se
2014-07-28 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of md-swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2014-07-14 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7290
2014-07-10 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7289
2014-07-03 Anders LördalResolves SWAMIDOPS-7282
2014-06-02 Leif Johanssonmerged
2014-06-02 Fredrik Åslundmdui and contactperson added for kmh
2014-04-08 Fredrik Åslundcommittest for SimpleSign added (breaks ADFS IdP:s...