SWAMID-649 Update cert login.quicksearch.se
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2021-12-10 Björn MattssonNew SWAMID_FederationDefaults.zip from Johan
2021-10-27 Björn MattssonUpdated SWAMID_FederationDefaults.zip from Johan P
2021-09-28 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2021-09-28 Björn MattssonRemoved swamid-kalmar referenses on request from PAX
2021-02-15 Björn MattssonAdded filer for ADFS-toolkit
2020-10-27 Fredrik DomeijRT3449: ki-sll and fiv-test obsoleted
2019-10-29 Fredrik Domeijdocument swamid-sp-transitive.xml
2019-06-12 Fredrik Domeijadd padding to right of tds to make the file list table...
2017-06-22 Paul ScottUpdate webpages at mds.swamid.se and test.swamid.se
2017-06-15 Fredrik Domeijold signing key is obsolete
2017-05-16 Leif Johanssonupdate to override old site with redirect to mds
2017-03-20 Fredrik Domeijlanguage
2017-03-20 Fredrik Domeijbigger warning on old signer key expire
2017-03-01 Leif Johanssontest.swamid.se setup
2016-12-06 Fredrik DomeijMerge branch 'master' of md-swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2016-12-06 Fredrik Domeijnew md-signer2.crt and fingerprint in HEADER added
2016-11-17 Leif Johanssonclarify
2016-11-17 Leif Johanssonbetter warning
2016-11-17 Leif Johanssonbetter warning
2016-11-17 Leif Johanssonmove all html and css into subdirectories