SWAMID-1378 Removed empty <md:TelephoneNumber/>
[swamid-metadata.git] / Makefile
3 days ago Björn MattssonFixed error in idp.ici.ro
3 days ago Björn MattssonRestored testIdPinSP in Makefile
2022-09-09 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2022-09-09 Björn MattssonRemoved swamid-no-interfederation-combined.pub from...
2022-08-31 Björn MattssonAdded check for bad chars
2022-08-30 Fredrik Domeijtypo
2022-08-23 Johan WassbergShow diff in editor while writing message
2022-08-17 Johan WassbergRestore https://idp.ub.ro/idp/shibboleth
2022-08-15 Björn MattssonFilted bad IdP
2022-05-09 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2022-05-09 Björn MattssonSWAMID-904 removed hig-test.blackboard.com
2022-05-04 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2022-05-04 Björn MattssonUpdated Makafile // Bjorn Paul & Fredrik
2022-04-28 Björn MattssonFixed test for CoCov1
2022-04-25 Paul ScottSWAMID-854 Blockera potential.ly
2022-04-14 Björn MattssonSWAMID-837, Blocked access-check.edugain.org
2022-04-05 Björn MattssonSWAMID-541, SWAMID-743 Added AL3 for LiU and eduID...
2022-03-25 Björn MattssonRemoved check for geant.net/uri/dataprotection-code...
2022-03-25 Björn MattssonLogo fixed.
2022-03-24 Björn MattssonFixed Trouble IdP
2021-12-13 Björn MattssonAdded checks for multiple EntityAttributes
2021-12-10 Björn MattssonSWAMID-550 removal of SP:s from swamid / import from...
2021-11-03 Björn MattssonSWAMID-456, Removed block for SP earlier blocked. Got...
2021-11-03 Björn MattssonSWAMID-456, Blocked SP that makes ADFS stop loading...
2021-10-19 Björn MattssonSWAMID-341 Remove SimpleSign check from Makefile, added...
2021-06-28 Björn MattssonSWAMID-304 update of https://inacademia.org/metadata...
2021-05-19 Björn MattssonUpdated Makefile and xslt/add-rpi.xsl to get registrati...
2021-05-10 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2021-05-10 Björn Mattssonremoved swamid-externals
2021-04-21 Björn MattssonMoved block inside Makefile
2021-04-21 Björn MattssonRemoved https://services.sheerid.com/Shibboleth/UK...
2021-03-26 Björn MattssonRestored idp.kre.hu after they have fixed their key
2021-03-26 Björn MattssonNeeded to filter 2 files :-(
2021-03-26 Björn MattssonTemporary remove idp.kre.hu-simplesaml-saml2-idp-metada...
2021-01-25 Paul ScottReturn Makefile to more strict CoCo https check
2021-01-21 Paul ScottResolves SWAMID-3490
2020-12-14 Fredrik Domeijsilent comment in Makefile
2020-12-09 Fredrik Domeijempty PrivacyStatementURL removed from sso.irc.ugent...
2020-12-09 Fredrik Domeijsso.irc.ugent.be-auth-realms-irc added from eduGAIN...
2020-12-08 Fredrik Domeijremember good privacystatementurl forever
2020-11-26 Björn MattssonUpdated tests in test2
2020-11-16 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-3519
2020-10-27 Fredrik DomeijRT3449: ki-sll and fiv-test obsoleted
2020-10-27 Fredrik Domeijonly complain about CoCo if shell is interactive
2020-10-15 Björn MattssonResolves SWAMID-3387
2020-10-14 Einar LönnSeems signing exits when make test fails due to more...
2020-10-13 Fredrik Domeijwarn on known missing CoCo links in PrivacyStatementURL...
2020-10-13 Fredrik Domeijtest all entites with CoCo, not only those exported...
2020-09-14 Björn MattssonMoved validate to it's own file to remove dep on perl
2020-09-14 Björn MattssonStub for validation on metadata.swamid
2020-05-28 Björn MattssonResolves SWAMID-3039
2020-05-20 Björn MattssonResolves SWAMID-3007
2020-05-01 Leif Johanssonadd DIGG entity-categories
2020-04-16 Björn MattssonResolves SWAMID-2877
2020-02-27 Fredrik Domeijtest5.release-check.swamid.se added, with registrationA...
2019-11-29 Björn MattssonMade http: check to stop processing in Makefile
2019-11-29 Paul ScottMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2019-11-29 Björn MattssonResolved part 1 of SWAMID-2549
2019-10-29 Fredrik Domeijonly include SP:s in swamid-sp-transitive.xml (not...
2019-10-29 Fredrik Domeijswamid-sp-transitive.mxml added
2019-10-15 Björn MattssonAdded checks in MAkefile + added md:Organization block...
2019-09-11 Fredrik Domeijnon-referenced files text update
2019-08-15 Fredrik Domeijbad commit
2019-08-15 Fredrik Domeijcheck for empty ContactPerson tags (confuses shibboleth sp)
2019-07-18 Björn MattssonFix2 for SWAMID-2319
2019-07-18 Björn MattssonFix for SWAMID-2319
2019-07-18 Fredrik DomeijtestGeantCoCo tuning
2019-07-18 Fredrik Domeijmailto: added to contactemail where missing, and is...
2019-07-18 Fredrik DomeijRequestedAttribute not required by R&S
2019-06-14 Björn MattssonFixat till RegistrationInfo i 2 xml-filer + Makefilen...
2019-06-12 Fredrik Domeijadd registrationAuthority to all xml files in swamid...
2018-11-09 Björn MattssonUpdated SWAMID-1339
2018-11-07 Björn MattssonAdded Contact information + updated Makefile part ...
2018-11-07 Björn MattssonFixat till nya tester i Makefilen
2018-10-10 Björn MattssonFixed missing mailto: in Contact info
2018-10-10 Björn MattssonAdded test for Contact in Makefile + fixed zoom
2018-08-03 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2018-06-28 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-803
2018-06-28 Björn MattssonRemoved ws-* junk from xml-files.
2018-06-27 Björn MattssonStädat Makefil + swamid-2.0/idp2.it.gu.se-idp-shibbolet...
2018-06-19 Björn MattssonResolved SWAMID-771
2018-06-15 Björn MattssonUpdated idp.dev.eduid + removed 2 old unused idp:s
2018-04-12 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2018-04-12 Björn MattssonAdded test for unwanted ADFS data in xml. Tested on...
2018-04-10 Björn MattssonAddes test to Makefile
2018-04-10 Björn MattssonFixat till HTTP-Redirect i AssertionConsumerService
2018-04-06 Björn MattssonFixat Leifs fel + Resolved SWAMID-579
2018-04-04 Leif Johanssonmake make committest the default make test
2017-11-15 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-11-15 Björn MattssonAddes some more checks in Makefile. And fixed probles...
2017-11-14 Björn MattssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-11-14 Björn MattssonFixed testRefedsRnS check
2017-11-14 Björn MattssonMoved research-and-scholarship and corrected checks...
2017-11-14 Björn MattssonCleaned sp-with-simplesign and added check for missing...
2017-10-24 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-10-18 Björn MattssonFixed fs.liu.se to get OK from edugain. Also fixed...
2017-07-18 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of git.swamid.se:swamid-metadata
2017-07-17 Fredrik DomeijRT135 connect.eoppimispalvelut.fi added
2017-07-17 Fredrik DomeijIDPSSODescripts removed from SP:s, they should not...
2017-06-15 Leif JohanssonMerge branch 'master' of md-swamid.se:swamid-metadata